VS Group

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VS Accounting

Our accounting firm provides professional services that monitor business activity and provide recommendations and reports to help business owners make educated decisions about their operations.


VS Marketing

Our marketing team is a unique group of multidisciplinary individuals who thrive on the latest technologies and strategies that generate extraordinary return on investment for our clients.


VS Technology

Our professional staff are highly trained in various technology and can assist operations management in selecting and implementing the technology that is right for your industry and help your business become more efficient and secure.


About Us:

Our approach is simple, we offer the tools & experience you need to operate successfully and be a step ahead of the competition. We are aware and in touch with what businesses need. We know that not all entrepreneurs are experts in planning cash flow to optimize your funds, establishing a marketing plan to increase sales, refinancing to better suit your operations and setting up your network to run more efficiently. We know because we have listened to the needs of our clients and developed a team to meet their needs.

VS Group employs a proactive approach to business, technology and communications by utilizing a collaborative approach. We are a fully bilingual firm with a multi-disciplinary structure of people working in the same environment. This model encourages an interchange that adds tremendous value to our clients. Since VS Group’s founding in 1997, we have grown to a global team of specialized individuals within our 3 Divisions.

We serve a diverse list of clients in various industries, in-both private and public sector as well as many Non-Profit Organizations.

VS Group has an Innovative Concept that no other organization can offer you.


Our Culture: A diverse employee base allows for an exhilarating mix of personalities and encourages open dialogue and a team atmosphere. We embrace new technologies as they permit us to communicate, collaborate and provide training more efficiently between offices or client locations.

Our Mission: VS Group will assist and support our clients on a path to success by providing the highest level of quality service. We will build customer relationships based on trust and integrity. Our team will be highly skilled, motivated and excel through teamwork.

Our Values: We strive for balance between work and personal lives, providing the tools and flexibility to make this a reality. Through a unique office environment, we constantly promote internal growth of all employees and capitalize on the strengths of all staff through a team approach. We have a sense of pride in the services that we provide to our customers.